Fashion Season Is Back

The men’s fashion season is back once again, another season another opportunity to get first hand insight on the latest menswear trends. London Fashion Week: Men’s has once again kicked us off in style, with shows from Topman Design, Barbour, Ben Sherman and Xhander Zhou to name a few.

LFW continues through out the weekend till Monday 9th of January, we are sure to see some amazing shows presentations and street style pictures.

Following LFW we head straight into Firenze Italy for Pitti Uomo 91, the biggest menswear trade show on the fashion calendar. Pitti Uomo brings together the largest gathering of brands, manufacturers, stylist, textile designers etc… in the industry all in one place. The theme for this season is Dance Off, and right now the Pitti Uomo website is running a viral video that you can be part of titled “The Neverending Dance Off”.


All you got to do is film yourself dancing, but here’s the catch. You have to start by touching an imaginary wall on the right side and end by touching an imaginary wall on the left. So it looks like you are receiving and passing the dance off to someone else. Upload the video share it on your social media, and use the hashtag #PittiDanceOff.

The show begins on Tuesday 10th till the Friday 13th. If you new to the Pitti Uomo scene, it is mandatory that you get a couple of pictures by the famous Pitti wall. Where you can find all the stylish gents showing off the latest in Fall fashion.

Following Pitti Uomo 91 we head over to Milan for MFW on the 14th and then PFW on the 18th all leading up to NYFW: Men’s on the 30th.nyfwm-giving-american-menswear-designers-a-home

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