Gillette: The New SkinGuard Razor

Hey guys! How’s it going? We are back again with another great post. We had the gracious opportunity of teaming up with the guys over at Gillette, to feature their new SkinGuard Razor.

The Gillette SkinGuard is the first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. The razor shaves hair and protects the skin from nicks and cuts thanks to its unique SkinGuard positioned strategically between the blades.

I recently started using the new SkinGuard and I must say its the best shave I’ve ever gotten from a razor. It’s been a couple days and It’s safe to say, there are no razor bumps or irritations. The new SkinGuard razor provides a more comfortable shave, as it helps eliminate that tug and pull feeling your traditional razors give.

The SkinGuard razor is especially great for guys with natural curly hair, as these hairs are prone to razor bumps.

Well guys once again I truly appreciate you for following along and taking the time out to read my posts. Look out for more posts coming soon as we continue on this journey together. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can let me know what you want to see more of this year. Till next time!

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