History of Men’s Sartorial Fashion

A Sartorial Man Is Born…And Made

Welcome to M.S.F. “Men’s Sartorial Fashion” the first Caribbean menswear blog of it’s kind, catering to the modern, stylish and professional men. Formed in 2012 by owner Kairon Manzano, who saw the need for a website, a helping hand for Caribbean men like himself who aspire to dress well. The goal of the blog is to inform, educate and to promote a sartorial lifestyle, while sharing point of views, tips and trends from the leading menswear brands, magazines, icons and fellow menswear bloggers within the industry. 

My personal style comes from a mix of inspirations. From the traditional italian bespoke suiting to the modern metropolitan New York lifestyle. Growing up in the Trinidad where its always hot, you have to be able to adapt to the heat. Since moving to New York, I have been able to bring that Caribbean flair and style with me.  

The majority of the posts will contain images straight from my camera, unless stated otherwise. That way you can feel more connected to whats going on in my life and my journey.  



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