The Top Bags You Need



So college has started back and you still haven’t gotten that new statement bag, that says “you’re a Man now Mom, watch do adult things”. Well don’t worry my sartorial brothers we got you covered.

We have done some research over the past few months, and we have complied a final list of the top 6 bags every Sartorial Man needs for his day to day errands. Each item has been curated based on the day to day needs that we as men face, from the gym in the mornings to weekend getaways with the significant other.

6.The Wallet

Probable one of the most important things every man needs as he get older in years. From the velcro  with the cartoon characters on them that we all loved, to the key chain wallets that we hooked on our pants so we wouldn’t lose it. As an adult we have upgraded, updated and evolved from our younger childish selves. Our style has to, from the clothes we wear to the way we care about ourselves. With such an update we couldn’t leave out our wallets.


Your new wallet should say something about yourself. It should be a statement to the world, that you are a “GROWN MAN” doing grown men things. Your wallet should be something simple and yet elegant and classic. It should have character enough that it says you should be taken seriously, but not so much that you look like you tried to hard. It should be either black or some shade of brown, any other color is a no no.


We choose this really sleek elegant grained- leather billfold wallet by Paul Smith.

Notes from the Editor: Crafted from soft, dark-brown leather, Paul Smith‘s wallet will add a shot of luxury to your everyday essentials. Kitted out with ample card and note slots, this sleek design makes a practical and stylish choice for any distinguished gent.


This is the perfect wallet for a Sartorial gent. Women would notice you and take you seriously, your boss just might give you that raise you’ve been asking for. You never really know with a may happen. This wallet would run you $260 but if you’re looking for something less expensive but with the same quality and style, we recommend  this Ted Baker that runs for $76



5. The Portfolio/ Document Holder

Known by a lot of names, Portfolio, Document Holder, Clutch, Murse( Man Purse), Pouch , this bag can range from size, color, designer brand with each brand having its own special feature to make it unique.  Your ideal portfolio should be able to hold your documents comfortably, without damage to it and yet still look stylish. The perfect bag that says ” I’m man now”


The Pouch that we choose was the LOTUFF  (Lock and Key Bridle Leather Document Case).

Handcrafted in America with exceptional care and attention, the Lotuff document case stands at : Width 14″ / 36cm, Height 10″ / 25cm, Depth 2″ / 6cm. With a tanned to achieve a rich cognac pigment, garnished with a sturdy brushed gold-tone push-lock. It opens to a pocketed interior for stowing cards, documents and stationery, making the transition from appointment to afternoon drinks smooth.


For something under a $100 we recommend this one from Zara for only $49.90, still of a deal if you ask me.


4. The Backpack

The bag for when you’re feeling a little bit more street wear than suit and tie. We choose to add the backpack into our list because it’s versatility. From street wear style to gym accessory, the backpack can serve a lot of uses. With it’s convenient amount of space and pockets, a lot can fit into it. The variations make the bag unique and a must have, a far upgrade from the humdrum jansport we use to use back in high school.

We choose this really cool Marc by Marc Jacobs: Full Grained-Leather Backpack.


Lets just take a moment to admire the beauty and simplicity of this bag…

Editors notes:A far cry from the rucksack you used to haul schoolbooks, Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ streamlined black leather backpack has decidedly urbane appeal. It’s been faultlessly constructed to stow all of your essentials even on the busiest days. Keep your gym clothes and sneakers in the fully lined interior or use it as a cabin luggage on your next flight.

This bag would run you a cool $500

Another option is the Miansai: Harbour Leather and Canvus Backpack, it would run you $595.


For a cheaper option Mi-Pac Quilted Backpack from Asos that would run you $55

image1xxl (1)

3. The Messenger/ Satchel

We decided to group these together because they are similar in style.

This bag was picked for the second spot, for its versatility, style and convenience. It can be used as a laptop bag, or strictly for your documents and college books (If you still use books in this cyber-age). It can also be used to store a change of clothes for those afternoons where it’s too late to run home and change.

If you’re looking for something on the pricey side with a higher quality and style check out this one from Michael Kors.

Pebble Grain-Leather Messenger Bag it would run $500

600563_mrp_fr_lEditors Notes: Michael Kors’ pebble-grain leather messenger bag is finished with subtle silver branding and hardware for a polished look. This softly structured design has plenty of internal and external pockets that are perfectly proportioned to hold a laptop and important documents. If you’re looking for a cheaper option Asos got a few options you may like.

Navy Cotton Canvas for something a little more on the casual side for $72

image1xxl (3)

And if you’re looking for something a little more professional but yet still stylish and under $100, this Tan Leather Satchel is what you want.

image1xxl (2)

This elegant version comes in at just a dollar short of a hundred. $99

2. The Briefcase

Even tho the briefcase and messenger bag/ satchel are a little similar in style and make, the briefcase is all business no games. Perfect for your documents and 14′ laptop lol, the briefcase is perfect for the office and the classroom.

The Lotuff briefcase from Mr. Porter just screams “Classic Man”


Editors Notes: Tanned to a rich cognac hue, Lotuff‘s sleek leather briefcase is made for the minimalist on the go. This classic design is comfortable to carry and has two front pockets and a main compartment spacious enough for your diary, tablet and smaller essentials.

Even though it’s a bit high on the price side, this classic Lotuff comes in at $1200. If you can comfortably afford it without having to sell your kidney and a lung, I say why the hell not. But if your looking for something a bit cheaper but still just as classic and timeless as this, we recommend this one from Zara for only $89.90.


  1. The Weekender/Carryall/Holdall/Duffle/Barrel Bag

The name says it all, the weekender or “Duffle bag” as it’s called on the streets (where I’m from *throws up gang signs* ) lol, is the number one must have bag. The Duffle carries and fits everything from your gym clothes, books, laptop, lunch, change of clothes, it’s the perfect bag for those active gentlemen. It can also be used for travelling, fitting all your clothes for your trip and it fits in the carry on.

If you’re looking something high end we recommend the Mulberry Clipper Leather Holdall Bag.


Editors Notes: Understated and sophisticated, this tan-brown holdall from Mulberry is your ticket to luxurious flair. The capacious piece has been crafted from fine leather and is lined exclusively in suede to ensure it breaks in beautifully. Whether you’re off on a spontaneous weekend or a brief overnight stay, this piece will ensure you do so in style.

With measurements at: Width 21″ / 54cm, Height 9″ / 24.05cm, Depth 9″ / 24.05cm, Handle Length 3″ / 7cm this is the perfect size bag. It would run you a cool $2300. I would personally get this bag, even though it would probably be my own piece of luggage lol, but I’m ok with that.

Now if The Price is too exorbitant for you, there are these cool and yet stylish substitutes that are under $100 that do the job.

H&M Weekend Bag $59.99

ASOS Smart Carryall In Tan Faux Leather $63

We believe the Tan color is perfect for this bag and it compliments any outfit, from business to play, gym to travel.

All in all there we alot of other bags that could of made the list like the Tote, be we feel these were the main items you needed to have.
All bags were provided by Mr.Porter, Asos, Zara and H&M

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