Sprezzabox Madness

The joy i get every month knowing that I ordered my sprezzabox. Wait you don’t know what a sprezzabox is?
Well let me introduce you to one of the best things that happened for menswear since Pitti Uomo and NYFW:Men’s.



The term Sprezza comes from the italian word Sprezzatura which means: “conceal all art and make whatever one does appear without effort; or studied carelessness.”

Sprezzabox: New York based company that has made it their mission to help men become more stylish and a fraction of the cost. For a monthly fee of $28, subscribers can get between 4-5 lifestyle accessories and grooming products that usually go for ($100 in value ). The products were initially tailored for corporate men but has since welcomed men of all stature and social class.

Officially launched in April this year, Co-founder Philip Sblendorio stated “Most men who work in an office setting could benefit greatly from this service. This system has been proven through our organic growth as we have yet paid for marketing.”

The products range from neckties, dress socks, pocket squares, sample colognes, grooming products and much more. The best part is they don’t hold you to any commitment. You can set up your account in such a way, that’s suitable for you. 


The thing that makes sprezzabox box so special, is the products you get. You rarely receive the same brand back to back months, and the items change as well. One month you can get a tie, pocket square, sample cologne a pair of socks and collar stays. While next month a leather shoehorn, bow tie, bead handbands and beard oil samples. This method helps the brand be diversed in what they offer while introducing you to new brands at the same time.


Basically, you don’t even have to try, just subscribe, wear, and look great. ” we help men who don’t want to spend too much money on their work wardrobe or waste hours sifting through ties at department stores or online…. we do all the work for you”, says Co-founder and Crrative Director  Disi Fei. ” You don’t even have to leave your couch. Let our fashion experts help you look great.”


Head over to their website now and get your first box. Don’t forget to use the code: “MENSSARTORIALFASHION” to get a 10% discount off your purchase, or click the link below.


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