A New York State of Fashion


It has officially begun ladies and gentlemen, the first ever New York Fashion Week Men’s (screams internally). This is absolutely a big deal, as this is the stepping stone for men’s fashion being recognized in the industry. This grand event last 3days from the 13th-16th of July and we at Men’s Sartorial Fashion are extremely excited. It is the first time this had been attempted and with luck it will continue for generations. As we all know, men’s fashion in New York has been nearly nonexistent, with selected established designers working in some male models during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


Now with the help of Amazon and Tumblr there’s officiallya place for men’s fashion in New York to call home. We can now see established and up and coming menswear designers all in one area. Day one starta off with new designers Cadet, Boyswear, CWST, Garciavelez, David Hart and Plac taking the 10am-11am morning spot. While in the evening we see Kenneth Ning, Matiere, Fingers Crossed, Eponymovs by Hvrminn, Carlos Campos and Chapter taking the 4pm-5pm time slot. A hour later we have the NYFW: Men’s Opening Event fron 6-8:30pm. So a full day is ahead and that’s just day . We are sure to see lots more in the coming days, with new trends and silhouettes.

We had to give special mention to the sponsors who made it happen. Axe, Cadillac, Dockers, Drean Works Animation, Loews Regency Hotel, Shinola, Fashion GPS, Tumblr and Amazon and the CFDA without them we wouldn’t have these glorious 3days dedicated just for men’s fashion.

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