The Season Is Here

It’s been a while since I posted, was swamped with work and deadlines and couldn’t find the time. But now I’m back and what better way to start back posting, than mention the start of the Menswear Calendar. Yes it is finally here!! The menswear season has officially kicked off starting today with LCM London Collections Men.


From the 12th to the 15th we are going to see some of the top British Menswear designers and brands showcase. First up is Topman, who always starts us off. Right after LCM we head to Florence for my favorite menswear trade show in the world PITTI UOMO 🙌🙌🙌.


Back at its home in Firenze, the festival  is in its 88th season and this year the Pitti group is doing things in a somewhat colorful manner lol. With this year’s theme much different from years past. 


This year it’s all about color as they said THAT S PITTI COLOR!


Every year the group showcases their creative side by having cool centerpieces in the Fortezza de Basso. From CD displays representing the musical feel for the season to motorbikes doing sick wheelies, which held true to the message of “hope a ride to Pitti”. This year it isn’t any different, with the centre display fitting perfectly with the overall idea and theme.


Yup a crayon theme centre display lol. I wouldn’t doubt if we saw colored pencils and paint tins placed all over. Only thing i can tell you for sure, is that we are in for a real treat this year.

I should also mention the super awesomeness that’s happening in NY lol. The first ever NYFWM yes New York Fashion Week Men’s. The first of many and I’m super excited about it. Finally menswear designers in the states have a place to showcase,  instead of having to fly to London or Milan and Paris.

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