I Don’t Pop Molly, I Rock….


As we know London Fashion Week kicked off today and for some of us (us meaning me lol), The Tom Ford show is the highlight of the season. But this season that would not be happening, instead Mr. Ford decided to trade in his spot at fashion week for the Lights and Glam of Hollywood. Thats right Tom Ford is has taken his AW 2015 Collection to Los Angeles.

With his love of the red carpet and the film industry, it couldn’t be a better time, as its Oscar’s week.
As you already know the Oscar’s is a star studded event, so what better place for a world famous international designer, Lord of the black tux to have his latest collection shown here. We already know its going to be a celeb packed show. With Miley Cyrus and Anna Wintour skipping the first day of LFW, you can bet alot of othercelebs did the same.


You can watch Tom Ford’s show by clicking the link http://www.refinery29.com/2015/02/82556/tom-ford-los-angeles-fashion-week-runway-live-stream
Scheduled to start at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST for if you’re like me 11pm

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