Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear
Being in the business world you always need to look your best, especially if you hold a high title. With working in the corporate world you would be attending a lot of meetings for clients, partners, investors and even upper management. handling these high profile people you always need to look your best and we at Men’s Sartorial Fashion have some outfit ideas for you can wear to fit the part.

Instead of going with your usual black and grey suit and black shoes we decided to add some color to make you stand out from the rest.

First we started off with a Grey-blue partially lined suit from Richard James, this tone of grey adds to the sophistication as it blends to colors together sure to get some heads turning as you pass by. We choose the pink Emma Willis gingham shirt to add a pop of color to the outfit. Accessorized with a Alexander McQueen silk tie, a Paul Smith watch, a Grenson Toby light brown derby shoe and a Paul Smith leather briefcase because a business man is nothing with out his briefcase.
With this look you are on your way to impress your clients, bosses, and investors maybe even catch females eye.

Richard James-Wool Suit
Emma Willis Pink Gingham Check Linen Shirt
Alexander McQueen Skull-Embroidered Silk Tie
Paul Smith Classic Leather-Strap Watch
Grenson Toby Leather Derby Shoes
Paul Smith Textured-Leather Briefcase

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