Hues of Blues

Hues of Blues
This outfit inspiration is to show the versatility of the color blue and how it can be paired with it but in different hues to form a complete outstanding look.
When pairing hues always go for a lighter tone when choosing the trousers, this way the shirt and the blazer can be more bold and pop and give that casual feel, rather than match or look like you are trying too hard.
The blazer, the dark of the hues acts as the dominate color blending all the tones together.
The gingham shirt one shade lighter than the blazer mirrors the feel that is portrayed, one of casualness but still office worthy when paired with the navy knit tie.

Ovadia & Sons: Slim-Fit Woven-Wool Double-Breasted Blazer
Rag & Bone: Gingham Check Cotton Shirt
Paul Smith London: Slim-Fit Cotton Trousers
Alexander McQueen: Suede Tassel Loafers
Charvet: Slim Knitted Silk Tie
Ray-Ban: Clubmaster Folding Acetate and Metal Polarised Sunglasses
Miansai Beacon: Woven-Leather and Metal Bracelet

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